Benefits of Having Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

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Benefits of Having Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

Have you ever looked at your carpet after a quick vacuum and thought, “That looks nice and clean.”? It may look and feel clean, but your carpet is actually still quite dirty. A vacuum cleaner removes the majority of dirt and grime from your carpet. Still, plenty of things remain inside that you really should deal with.

Keep in mind that you and every member of your family track dirt and dead skin into the house on a daily basis. The particles from these things can sometimes stick to the base of your carpet and remain there, vacuum cleaner or not! For the sake of your health and the cleanliness of your house, you should consider the following benefits provided by a professional carpet clean up:

1. Your Carpet Will Last Longer

Without professional care, your carpet will deteriorate over time. Of course, everything in our house gets old and needs replacing eventually. However, the buildup of harmful dirt and bacteria at the base of your carpet causes it to wither much quicker than it ought to.

A professional carpet cleaner will use natural cleaners and hot water on your carpet. Doing so help to remove any residual dirt and germs without risking your health through synthetic cleaners.

Getting your carpet professionally cleaned at least twice a year can double its lifespan. Doing so saves you from the harmful effects of a deteriorating carpet. On top of that, it saves you money as you won’t need to replace it every couple of years!

2. Any Residual Dirt Not Removed by a Regular Clean Up Gets Caught

As I mentioned earlier, vacuuming your carpet doesn’t reach the lower-most dirt and grime. That being said, you should still vacuum your entire house once a week in between the professional cleanups. It is through the combined efforts that your carpet will stay clean all year long!

According to ChemDry, build-up of dirt underneath your carpet will start to become a problem in around six months, but if you find members of your family sneezing or any other symptoms for no apparent reason, you should consider getting the professional cleaning done earlier than planned.

By removing residual dirt consistently, you’ll find that your home feels cleaner and less stuffy when closed up. If you can smell a stuffy, dusty scent after closing your windows, your carpet isn’t as clean as you thought!

removing pet stains with a professional carpet cleaner

3. Impossible Stains Get Removed

No one likes a big, disgusting stain in their home! The next time you think your mother is overeating when you spill your coffee, think again! Coffee stains, among others, are incredibly difficult to get out, especially once they’ve dried up.

Fortunately, professional carpet cleaners can get rid of any stain, no matter how dense it is! Even if you spilled red wine on your carpet three months ago, they can clean your carpet so well, you wouldn’t even know it was old!

Of course, all carpets come to an end eventually. As your carpet ages, there may come a time where the coloring of the carpet fibers, themselves, change. If a professional carpet clean doesn’t correct a stain, that may be why. If such an instance occurs then it is time to get a new carpet!

4. Improves the Overall Appearance of the Carpet

If you’re anything like me, you’ll find the displacement of carpet fibers after vacuuming to be quite annoying. If you vacuum carefully, you can keep the carpet clean and pleasant to look at. However, when you see the difference after a professional carpet cleaning, you’ll realize just how dirty your carpet looked beforehand. After years of hundreds of my own carpet cleaning in Cleveland, I can assure you the look of a freshly cleaned carpet is extremely satisfying!

A recently cleaned carpet looks brighter and enhances the essence of a room. The aesthetic of your house is improved with the renewal of each carpet fiber.

while using good carpet cleaning equipment we can remove built up dirt

5. Keeps Your Family Healthy and Happy

You’d be surprised how many sniffles are caused by dirty carpets. Anyone who has a dust allergy is likely to feel blocked up and gross when your carpet gets left for too long. Rather than wait for your family to start feeling sick, you can get your carpet professionally cleaned to avoid it completely.

We spend more and more time indoors these days. Because of this, making sure that our homes are clean and comfortable is vital. If you don’t want to get your carpet professionally cleaned just to improve the look of your home then you should do it for the safety and happiness of those who live in it!

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the above, please feel free to contact us here at Lakefront Carpet Cleaning!

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