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Cleveland Residential Carpet Cleaning

At Lakefront Carpet Cleaning we are proud to provide excellent residential carpet cleaning to our customers in the greater Cleveland area.  The carpets in your home are an investment and you want to make sure your carpets last longer, look newer and feel clean and fresh. Our professional carpet cleaners take pride in providing our customers with the carpet cleaning services to help them maintain this investment. Getting your carpets cleaned not only makes them look and feel great but improves the overall health of your home by removing dust, dirt and allergens.

Our experienced carpet cleaning technicians are highly trained, equipped with effective carpet cleaning solutions and are committed to work around you and your families needs. Our team is devoted to using the safest and the most superior cleaning products on the market.


Step 1: Initial Carpet Cleaning Walk through

Our experienced, professional, high-quality carpet cleaners will start the carpet cleaning process with an inspection of your areas of concern, taking note of spots or stains on the carpet that might need special attention.

Step 2: Pre-Cleaning Vacuuming

Before your carpets can be professionally cleaned with our carpet cleaning equipment, our carpet cleaning technicians perform a pre-cleaning vacuuming. Vacuuming is a highly efficient way to remove dry particulates before wetting the carpet with pre-sprays. Most soils accumulate in entry ways and high traffic areas, so special attention will be spent there.

Step 3: Pre-Treat/ Pre- Spray for Carpet Cleaning

If you have ever attempted to clean your carpets yourself, you likely used the carpet cleaners from your local retail store. These carpet cleaners are not as effective as the carpet cleaners available to professionals. Our team uses state of the art solutions to pre-spray the carpet which breaks down soils in preparation for a thorough soil extraction during your professional carpet cleaning.

Step 4: Furniture Moving

We move everything within reason. The items we move will be protected with blocks and tabs.

Step 5: Professional Carpet Cleaning Soil Extraction

Now it’s time for the soil extraction, what most customers think of as the “carpet cleaning.”  Although all steps combine to define the carpet cleaning process, the soil extraction is after the soils have been loosened by our pre-spray, and the carpet cleaning technician uses our powerful truck-mounted hot water extraction process. We use the proper ph balance to ensure no sticky residue is left behind and use plenty of dry passes after extraction to leave your carpets as dry as possible.

Step 6: Post Carpet Cleaning Inspection

After the soil extraction step of the carpet cleaning process our expert carpet cleaners perform a thorough walk through to ensure our quality of work.

Optional Step 7: Protecting Carpets After Professional Carpet Cleaning

As much as we enjoy your repeat carpet cleaning business, we believe in making sure you get the best quality carpet cleaning service with Lakefront Carpet Cleaning which includes a thorough application of our carpet protectant to help prolong the life of your carpet by repelling soil, oil based soils and water based soils.


Lakefront Carpet Cleaning is a Family owned and operated cleaning service. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning services in the greater Cleveland area.

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