Top Family Activities in Cleveland

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Cleveland is home to numerous exciting activities. There are hundreds of things for the average tourist to do there. 

What can you do as a family in Cleveland, you ask? Why, lots of things! In this article, we’ll take a look at seven different places that provide fun for the whole family. You and your kids are sure to find at least one if not all of these places fascinating. 

If you would like to know where to bring your family when you visit Cleveland, take a look at my list below:

#1 – Cleveland Children’s Museum

Cleveland Children’s Museum provides a means for children to learn through direct action. The museum is designed with interactive exhibits that keep the attention of children while also feeding them information. 

There are exhibits teaching children basics skills for adulthood, such as going shopping, pumping gas, and banking their own money. Exhibits are not limited to city-style chores either. You’ll find barns and farm-related exhibits as well. 

You’d be hard pressed to get bored in this museum!

#2 – International Women’s Air and Space Museum

For starters, the International Women’s Air and Space Museum is free to enter. You’ll find it inside Lakefront Airport. Obviously, the purpose is to acknowledge and appreciate those women who have had an impact on air and space flight over the years. 

The exhibits stretch back to occasions from the 1800s, boasting of powerful women such as Amelia Earhart. While this museum isn’t for everyone, there are plenty of families who would find it highly fascinating. 

#3 – NASA Glenn Research Center

The NASA Glenn Research Center is a vital section of NASA and contributes a great deal to space research. There are plenty of things to see at the research center. You can join the monthly tour during the months of April until October. 

You can attend the tour for free, but you will need to bring some form of ID with you. You can look on the website to see the exact tour dates. 

The NASA Glenn Research Center isn’t for everyone, but I would highly recommend giving it a try if you’re around on one of the designated tour dates. 

#4 – Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

You’d have to be blind to miss the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. The total area size of this massive zoo is 165 acres. The land is forested for the sake of certain animals. It is natural in all ways except for the enclosure walls built to contain the various animals displayed within. 

The total area size of this massive zoo is 165 acres. The land is forested for the sake of certain animals. It is natural in all ways except for the enclosure walls built to contain the various animals displayed within. 

While many of the animals that are kept in this zoo are from other parts of the world, most of them are still able to wander freely in an open-air enclosure. Of course, some of the more exotic animals, such as penguins, need to be kept in enclosed exhibits for the sake of temperature control. 

All children love a good zoo and most parents share this sentiment. I’m sure your whole family would love taking a look at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. 

#5 – Greater Cleveland Aquarium

The Greater Cleveland Aquarium has been open since 2012. You’ll find a ton of interesting, unusual aquatic animals here. Kids absolutely love this place as anything strange and alive intrigues them. 

With over one million gallons of water throughout the various aquariums, there’s plenty to see and do there. Take your kids and give it a try! 

#6 – Lake Metroparks Farmpark

Unlike a typical zoo, the Lake Metroparks Farmpark shows off farm animals in an actual farm environment. You and your children can observe cows being milked, sheep being herded, and many other things. 

As you tour the farm, you will learn many things about agriculture as well as getting an opportunity to touch and pet some of the smaller animals. The Farmpark truly is a base for all ages. 

#7 – Kalahari Waterpark Resort

Have you ever wanted to swim in a 12,000 square foot swimming pool? Or perhaps you would enjoy a water-based roller coaster? 

If you like anything to do with water and swimming, the Kalahari Waterpark Resort is the place for you. The resort has a huge number of rides as well as places to relax and get a tan. Whatever your preference, the Kalahari Waterpark Resort has something for everyone. 

Which Will You Choose First?

You can pick any of these seven amazing places that interest you and your family. You can even pick all of them if you’re interested. 

There are hundreds more places to choose from in Cleveland. Everywhere you go, there’s an amazing spot that you likely wouldn’t find anywhere else. The city is your oyster. Go and enjoy it! 

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